Don’t worry, this is a temporary front page just to tell you about this site and the similarities/differences to other online stores that cater to individuals and small businesses that make one of a kind, handmade art, Decor, and functional items. The goal here is to assist our store owners who are selling handmade items to either supplement their income, start their small business, or be able to simply afford supplies because to them – their art may be therapeutic in these uncertain times. This site is also open to those who make supplies to offer to other artists such as molds, stickers, etc.

For Vendors:

The basic plan is free and to start, I highly encourage you to choose this on the membership page. I need your feedback on store setup and how your listings look and anything else that I may not have considered. Because when I say MEMBERSHIP, that is what it is. We are all members and I need, want your input. There are no fees or commissions on my part. If customers buy from this site there is the usual percentage and transaction fee taken out by the credit card companies (I think it’s 2.9% + $0.30 transaction). However, in your description, you can specify whatever payment type you like. Feel free to say that you prefer to be contacted directly for payment through other means such as CashApp, Venmo, or whatever. You can also not reinvent the wheel and have links directly to your website or Etsy store. When setting up your store there is a section where you can input all of your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others.

Now something I haven’t seen in other similar sites is the ability to not only list products and sale, but also auctions. I for one love auctions and sometimes I don’t know what to sell a piece for. It may be something I didn’t like how it turned out or it doesn’t meet my own standards or I could just think it’s trash buy maybe somebody would like it. For whatever reason, I like the idea of having the auction option.

In the description section of your product page, you can upload a short video. Especially handy for those shiny pieces to show how they reflect the light or color changing pigments. You can also add a product category yourself if there isn’t an appropriate one in the category list. If this gets ridiculously long, I do reserve the right to trim it up eventually but you can add as many tags as you like for the search options.

Free vs Future:

I make no money from the free version, so it has limits. Only five products can be listed. You can have one featured image and two gallery images. Future upgrades will be subscription plans and you’ll be able to see on the sign up for membership page an idea for costs. Still with no commissions on my part, but upgrades in plans so far will not only be an increase in the number of products you can list and the number of images you can add but also the ability to offer coupons (in the form of checkout codes) and to write articles to add to the blog such as maybe instructions for techniques or showing off how you do your thing, etc. I’ll also eventually have a featured product on the front page which will be handpicked from our subscribers.

For Now:

I’m finally running out of things to say and it’s getting time for lunch. Join! Play! Test out the store. Show some love and spread the word! You can use the contact form in the main menu above to let me know of any glitches, features you want, what works, what doesn’t work, etc. Or you can reach me at my Facebook group or look for ooakmarket.

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